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Charlie Chaplin quotes, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” Now, the question put here is how often do you laugh? As you might know, laughing is a proven remedy for healing most of our emotional, sentimental and overall health-related problems. Today, this act has taken a new shape and identity, what is known as the ‘laughter yoga’.

The act of laughing is a physiological as well as a psychological phenomenon that allows a person or a group of persons to interpret with regards to the action.

Laughter yoga is now known and practiced all over the world since, it greatly helps individuals, especially the adults and elderly persons who go through lots of changes in life which affect their personal lifestyles. These changes also affect their health physically as well as mindfully. It is a natural therapy that makes people get rid of their emotional and mindful problems. It is also believed that to some extent, this therapy also heals people from various health problems.

Laughter yoga
Laughter yoga

How is laughter yoga done?

The laughter yoga is a natural therapy that is basically performed outdoors, where a small and large number of people gather around and voluntarily invoke laughter. You do not necessarily have to tell a joke or do something funny in order to create laughter among individuals or groups of persons. We can say that it simply comes out from their will.

You will often find elderly people gathering around at parks and laughing out, which may look absurd or ironic to some, but people who understand its purpose will definitely find this therapy worthwhile.

Here, we shall look at the various reasons that a person can benefit from this laughter yoga.

These 7 Reasons Prove That Laughter Yoga Can Improve Your Health

Do you want to know how laughter yoga can make you live both a healthy and happy life? Well, the answer is here. The significance of laughter yoga as a natural healing power can be listed below:-

1. Helps you cope with setbacks and disappointments

helps to deal with disappointment and failure

If you have been upset or disappointed with something or, probably with someone lately, do not worry. Whether it may have been in your personal life or a professional one, being dissatisfied with someone or something does occur at times. However, there is a solution to get past this and avoid its effects from hampering your health and well-being. Laughter yoga helps you overcome such setbacks in life.

Laughter yoga can help you cope with such difficult situations and bring about a sense of positive feelings thus, also helping you improve your expectations.

2. Helps you relieve stress and anxiety

helps to relieve stress and anxiety

Having stress or anxiety may occur due to various possible reasons, some of which may include having a busy schedule every day, experiencing domestic issues, stress from work, anxiety due to financial problems, worry upon separating with your partner or loved ones, etc. There are, however, numerous reasons as to burdening oneself with stress and anxiety. One cannot live with such worries throughout his/her life. To fight this, the natural solution is laughter yoga.

Thus, the benefit that you get with laughter yoga is seamless. It has the powerful properties of relieving you from intolerable anxiety and stress in the mind.

3. Helps develop personal and emotional relationships

develop personal and emotional Relationship

This is a very common problem among a lot of individuals. Maintaining relationships, especially in the long run becomes rather very difficult for a majority of people. This may happen due to several reasons. Keeping a relationship intact becomes a tedious effort when things are not at a balanced stage. This can also cause many relationships to break and fade away, just like the clouds in the sky.

You can prevent your relationship from being broken or disregarded. The laughter yoga therapy helps you build a strong person within yourself and also makes you emotionally strong enough to handle moderations in your relationships.

4. Helps reduce fear


Helps to reduce fear
Helps to reduce fear

Many individuals develop a sudden fear in themselves which usually prevent them from doing various things or, even when making decisions or sharing opinions with others. Fear is an emotional feeling that usually limits a person from being able to carry out tasks boldly. However, this can be easily dealt with if you are having a certain fear of something in life. Also, you do not have to indulge in taking medicinal drugs to overcome this emotional feeling.

The best remedy for healing such type of emotional feeling is a few minutes of laughter yoga or therapy and that’s it! You will soon have your fear vanished from your mind and start living happy days.

5. Helps boost the immune system


Immune System
boost the Immune System

It is true that laughter yoga helps in improving a person’s immune system. This is because it is a therapy in the form of yoga which affects a person’s entire body and mind. If you are suffering from a weak immunity and are tired of visiting your doctor for treatment and medicines then, it’s time that you give this therapy a go and see the results.

Laughter yoga will significantly boost your immune system and protect you from falling sick less often. It will increase your food intake and help you gain a better health throughout the long run.

6. Helps lower blood pressure


lower blood pressure
lower blood pressure

The laughter yoga is also a proven natural solution for lowering blood pressure in persons. Since, blood pressure is often suffered by adults and elderly people, which may occur due to several reasons, it does have certain bad effects on the person’s health.

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So, if you have been suffering from blood pressure for quite a long time then, you should indulge yourself in doing laughter yoga every day. This will help you keep your blood pressure at a moderate level and give you a few years more to live your life with your loved ones happy.

7. Makes you live longer


Live Longer
Live Longer

One of the most vital benefits of laughter yoga is that you can increase your life and live much longer. Making a daily routine of doing laughter yoga, whether with fellow companions or alone, will help you have a healthy life, apart from eating good food and getting sufficient rest.


It is really not necessary that only adults and elderly persons should do laughter yoga. The only reason why this type of natural therapy is primarily focused towards them is that people of such age group are commonly faded from being happy – and happiness comes through laughing and smiling. It is thus, a natural phenomenon.

It should really not matter how young or old you are, given that if you have a feeling of not being happy at times or quite often then, you should try this therapy called “laughter yoga” and rejuvenate your life with happiness and good health. Cheers!


Q1. What is the importance of laughter?

Ans. Laughter is an important part of our life. It reduces blood pressure, stress, negativity, and increases the flexibility of muscles. It helps to create positive emotions and keep healthy and happy.

Q2. Who invented laughter yoga?

Ans. Laughter yoga was invented by Dr. Madan Kataria in March 1995 with the help of his wife. Together they simplified the several laughter techniques.

Q3. How does laughter help you physically?

Ans. A good, hearty laugh can actually help you physically. It relieves physical stress and tension. Laughter can raise the intake of oxygen-rich air and also boosts your immune system.

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Q4. Does smiling make you live longer?

Ans. Smiling helps you live longer. AN research from London University college stated that cheerful, happy and positive person is 35% more likely to live longer.

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