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As we all know Adderall Is a controlled substance known for its abuse and addiction. Which help the person to stay focused and mainly prescribed to a person suffering from ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactive Syndrome). Getting the Prescription to this medicine Online is subject to local laws. But Telemedicine services have made it possible to get Adderall Prescription Online.

Getting a prescription for Adderall Online is very difficult. But in this article, we will discuss how you can get an Adderall prescription Online.

Is Getting an Adderall Prescription Online Possible?

For a Long Time due to the concern related to the misuse of Adderall the online prescription of this medicine was not allowed and the patient need to get the prescription in personal with a doctor. But now many states have allowed this medicine to be prescribed online and in some states it’s still not allowed.

However, in states where it is allowed to prescribe Adderall online, there are still some rules that who can prescribe them. All doctors are not allowed to prescribe this medicine.

How Doctors Prescribe Medicine Online?

Every Doctor has a different method to treat their patients but most of the doctors follow the same pattern while treating their patients. A patient will book an appointment to a doctor from their mobile phone and the doctor will talk to their patient on a video call and they will try to understand what the patient is going through and prescribe the medicine as the doctor knows what the patient is going through.

How Do Doctors Prescribe Adderall Online?

A Doctor will send the patient through an assessment to determine what the patient is going through. Through this assessment, the Doctor will try to match the criteria to the prescription criteria for adderall.

Sometimes doctors can also prescribe Adderall to a patient who is suffering from lack of focus and depression.

But When The patient is diagnosed with Adhd or Some condition That needs Adderall the doctors will first try some non-stimulant medicines. Because these medicines are less addictive than Adderall. Only when these medicines don’t work and the condition of patients is becoming worse than the doctor will prescribe Adderall.

How is ADHD diagnosed online?

If the Patient thinks that he is suffering from ADHD or the symptoms are same as ADHD the patient can talk to the doctor and try to tell the doctor that he is suffering from ADHD. Lets discuss what a patient can do to make the doctor more aware about his situation.

  • Write All Your Symptoms on a paper before talking to the doctor.
  • Explain your condition through real life example like an incident that recently happened with you due to this condition.
  • Make Sure your doctor knows what you are coming for. Tell your doctor what is the reason for this appointment while booking an appointment.
  • Also, tell your doctor about your medical history and any other diseases and allergies you have so the doctor has a good idea what medicines will work best for you.
  • If your doctor prescribes you some other medicine you can be upfront that you are interested in taking Adderall for the treatment.
  • You should be ready to take the ADHD test.

For Doctors to prescribe Adderall as a first treatment option there should be some serious Symptoms. Let’s Discuss what could be the Symptoms:

  • If the patient is finding difficulty in noticing the small details.
  • The patient is being very disorganized and keeping his stuff all over the place.
  • If he is finding difficulty in focusing and keeps shifting his focus between incomplete tasks.
  • Patients find it difficult to pay attention to what the person in front is speaking to him.
  • He keeps Interrupting and disturbing people around him.
  • While Sitting he is always feeling restless
  • He keeps forgetting everything.
  • Finds it difficult to take part in long conversations.

What happens When you Get adderall Prescription Online

When the doctor is sure that the patient is suffering from ADHD then the doctor can prescribe you Adderall. But in some states, Adderall can not be prescribed online. If the patient lives in such a state then a handwritten prescription for Adderall is mandatory to get Adderall.

In states where an online prescription for Adderall is valid, the digital prescription for Adderall is transferred to the pharmacy nearby the patient or the patient can take the prescription itself to the pharmacy. And the pharmacy will check if the prescription is real then provide the patient with the medicine.

Possible Side Effects of Adderall

Aside from the risk of addiction, Adderall has many potential side effects, including:

  • Weight loss
  • Dizziness
  • Depression
  • Teeth grinding
  • Seizures
  • Hives
  • Itching
  • Blurred vision
  • Hallucinations
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Sudden death

If you consider taking Adderall for your treatment then you should also keep these side effects in mind and take the prescribed dosage, so you do not face any serious side effects.


In this Article, we discussed how to get an Adderall prescription online and is it possible to get a prescription for this medicine online. For more information, you can visit your local doctor or relevant practitioner for more information.

You can also call on our customer service number for more information on any of the medicines we offer on our website.