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cold and flu

When the cold winter season comes, and also when it goes, it brings with it many risks of health-related problems in people of all age groups. The risk is commonly the experience of infections like cold and flu, which may even lead to serious consequences if you don’t take remedies for cold and flu immediately.

Children and adults are often struck by the cold which may further take the form of influenza, also called flu. Influenza is an infectious viral disease that can also be transmitted through physical or close contact.

Therefore, the sickness should be dealt with extreme caution in order to avoid further complications that may arise due to its unfriendly effects.

When a person suffers from cold or flu, he/she starts to develop certain signs or symptoms which indicates the occurrence of the sickness or disease and makes the person feel low on health and energy.

The Common Symptoms Of Cold And Flu Include:

  1. Inadequate rise and fall in temperature of the body

  2. Fever

  3. Headache

  4. Irritation

  5. Nausea

  6. Sneeze

  7. Blockage in the nostrils

  8. Running nose

  9. Inability to eat solid food (or loss of taste)

Considering the signs of the sickness mentioned above, it is important that you take important measures immediately and, if the problem continues for over two weeks, it is advised that you seek medical attention from a doctor.

This blog focuses on helping people who are suffering from cold because we are going to share some basic home remedies for cold and flu. These measures can also be used for prevention against cold and flu and thus, encourage people in living a healthy life.

Simple Home Remedies For Cold And Flu

remedies for cold and flu

It is possible to prevent or cure unhealthy sickness, such as cold and flu easily by following a few simple and basic measures and thus, avoid risking your health.

Here are some important home remedies for cold and flu guidelines which, if followed regularly, can protect you against the odds of not only the cold winter season but throughout the cycle of seasons and/or changes in the climatic conditions that affect the human body as a whole.

1. Personal Hygiene Matters

Personal Hygiene Matters

The most important of all. Taking care of yourself is the first step toward healthy living. Maintaining personal hygiene is crucial and should be practiced every day.

Activities of personal hygiene include taking bath daily, wearing clean clothes, washing clothes (also in hot water), cutting your finger and toenails short, cleaning your nose and ears, keeping your mouth clean and brushing your teeth twice daily, etc.

If you are suffering from cold or flu, make sure that you have your bedsheets, pillow covers, blankets, quilts, towels, and other personal belongings cleaned properly and changed regularly. Also, do not share your personal belongings with others as it may transmit the infection.

These are common hygienic practices and should be exercised regularly in order to help prevent any form of sickness from affecting your body and overall health.

2. Care For Your Surroundings

Care For Your Surroundings

Care for your surroundings this is one of the most powerful remedies for cold. In relation to maintaining personal hygiene, keeping your home and surroundings clean is equally significant.

Since, diseases prevail in our surroundings and are carried by bacteria, parasites, etc., you must maintain caution when coming in direct contact with elements that are present around you.

Use disinfectants to clean the corners of your home and the areas surrounding your home, both inside as well as outside. Thus, keeping your home and the surrounding areas clean and tidy will eventually prevent you from falling sick.

3. Maintain A Balanced Diet

Maintain A Balanced Diet

Keeping yourself, your home and surroundings clean is not enough. You must also maintain a rich and balanced diet in order to prevent from falling sick with cold and flu, or any other disease for that matter.

If you are sick and visit a doctor, you are advised to take proper food. It is also important that you store food in clean and tight containers that cannot be penetrated by insects that carry germs, bacteria, and parasites. Clean fruits and vegetables with clean water before cooking or consuming them raw.

When you are down with cold and flu, prefer having lots of hot vegetable soup, warm water, hot ginger tea, coffee, and porridge. Since, you may temporarily lose the ability to eat solid food, feeding on these will help you restore your health quickly.

4. Stay Indoors If Sick

stay indoor if sick

It is advised that you stay at home and avoid coming into direct contact with your neighbors or friends. Do not presume this to be an act of keeping yourself quarantined.

In fact, take this as a helpful measure of protecting yourself and others as well, even if you are compelled to undergo into semi-isolation.

Do not lose hope when you are in such a state. If you feel bored or perhaps, annoyed, try indulging yourself into watching TV, which is agreeably one of the best solutions during such situations of loneliness.

5. Get Sufficient Rest

get suffiecient rest

You need proper rest (bed-rest) if you feel weak when suffering from cold or flu. If your body temperature is high, prefer staying in bed and have a cloth soaked with cold water put on your forehead. This will aid in bringing the temperature down. Get a couple of hours of a sound sleep as much as you can.

If you feel fuzzy and bored lying in bed or on the couch for too long, try walking a few steps inside your home quite often. This will gradually help bring energy in your body and, of course, also bring about a change in your mood.

6. Avoid Touching Your Sense Organs

Avoid Touching Your Sense Organs

Your sense organs, such as nose, eyes, tongue (mouth), ears and skin are very sensitive. Your hands may carry germs and bacteria which, if contacted directly with your sense organs, can make you sick easily and quickly.

Each time you use your hands to feed something inside your mouth, you also create a risk of consuming germs and bacteria along with the item(s).

This is the most common form of ingesting pathogens (disease-producing agents) into your body that also weakens your immune system. Thus, making you fall sick.

So, when you are down with cold or flu, do not take it lightly. Ensure washing your hands properly, especially, before and after eating anything.

7. Cover Your Nose And Mouth

Cover Your Nose And Mouth

Suffering from cold and flu makes people sneeze and/or cough frequently, followed by dealing with running nose, which can bring deep irritation. Therefore, whenever you sneeze or cough, make a habit of covering your nose and mouth with a piece of cloth, a handkerchief, or probably using a tissue paper.

This way, you will not allow the germs to spread and further cause infection, both in you and others who may be present before or around you.

8. Eat Infection-Fighting Foods

Eat Infection-Fighting Foods

Here is a list of some good food when you are suffering from cold and flu:

  • Carrots, which carry beta-carotene.
  • Chili peppers may open sinuses, and help split up mucus in the lungs.
  • Vitamin C holding foods like bell peppers.
  • Rice and Bananas to relieve an upset stomach and control diarrhea.
  • Blueberries control diarrhea and are rich in natural aspirin, which may lower fevers and help with aches and discomforts.

9. Get Vaccination Against Flu

Get Vaccination Against Flu (remedies for cold and flu)

Last, but not least. If you are severely suffering from cold and flu for more than a week or two, consider visiting a doctor immediately and get vaccinated. Vaccination is given to allow your body to fight against bacteria and contracting numerous diseases.

Vaccines are also given to stimulate the production of antibodies that help strengthen your immune system and prevent you from falling sick.

If you follow these remedies for cold which are mentioned above, you can prevent yourself against cold and flu and fall sick less often.

10. Haldi in Milk

Haldi milk is the most common home remedies. Basically, Haldi is antiseptic in nature and sooth in pain internally. So have a half glass of milk and add half tablespoon of Haldi. Drink every evening before you go to bed.

11. Mixture of natural herbs

Natural remedies help a lot in cold and cough. To make a better mixture of herb, grind tulsi, ginger, black paper, fennel, and clove together and boil with water. Add some honey as a sweetener. This kadha will relief in pain, relax muscles and suppress other symptoms of cold and cough.

10. Take Steam

To open your nostrils take steam. For these either use the equipment. or use another way. Like in a big bowl or container, take boil water and add Vicks vapor in it. Put your face over it and cover the vapors and your head with a towel.

Victory Over Cold and Flu Is Through Self-Precaution

These healthy habits should be practiced daily in order to prevent yourself from becoming a frequent victim of cold or flu.

On the other hand, if you are suffering from such sickness, these simple home remedies for cold and flu gave above will definitely help you quickly heal and regain your energy and health.

After all, your health is important. You can only win the war against illness and diseases if you learn to take proper care of your health, which also includes your dwelling and your surroundings.

Pass this message around to your family, relatives, friends and all others you can and start creating the awareness of living a richer, healthy and disease-free life.