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eye protection

Eye protection is a big challenge in your day to day hard routine life. Without eyes all word nothing more than a black world.

Are you suffering from eye pain, something like pinching in eyes or color of eyes look red? That is not a good symbol for your eyes and your fitness.

When you are looking at the monitor, TV or mobile screen without using any eye protection, you are inviting the problems of eyes. There are different types of eye protection against to the light suited for different aspects. If you are require to use a computer for work that means system screen most be protective.

All the rays of emitting light source from digital screens below the level, hence it is the main cause of your eyes damage.

Mobile and computer screen exposure a certain amount of blue lights to our eyes. Not only light emitting gadget are harmful for eyes but UV rays from the sun is very dangerous for eyes.

It damage the retina , eye fatigue, discomfort and several eye problems. If you are using electronic device continuously then it will lead to eye strain and cause injuries to nerves in your eyes .

Adjust screen brightness and distances :

The intensity of Suppose your room is bright, you can increase your screen brightness according to your requirement . when you are using your phone or computer always keep distance between your screen and your display and also locate your screen 4 or 5 inches below .

how thow protect eyes from screen
how to protect eyes from screen Image source – life

Color temperature :

Requirement , when you are using your phone or computer always keep distance between your screen and your display and also locate your screen 4 or 5 inches below from your eyesight level . The most common forms of eye protection against light are sunglasses.  If you are working on computer  you have to adjust the text size and contrast for your comfort work.

Colour temperature
Color temperature image source

his is a technical term used to describe the spectrum of visible light emitted by a color display. You will see Blue light is short-wavelength visible light that is associated with more eye strain than longer wavelength, such as orange and red.

you can reduce the color the temperature of your display lowers the amount of blue light emitted by a color display for better long-term viewing comfort.

Changing your focus :

You can Place any object or pictures next to your screen, for every 10 to 20 minutes turn your eye focus from screen to that object or photographs.

This technique will give a small exercise to your eyes to make your eyes healthy while using computers. Most of peoples can follow this technique to avoid eye strains and other eye-related problems.

Eye checkup annually :

Eye visual capabilities in day to day life will be different. You have to Check your eyes periodically in best eye hospital. So that the doctor can suggest respective lenses to treat your eyesight and reduce the effect. Follow the recommend various methods of protecting your eyes while you use the computer.

checkup for eye protection
Dark hear woman look in ophthalmologist to determine adopter in clinic  Image source –

Don’t forget to blink the screen :

This sounds a little silly and  it’s pretty surprising how serious.  How to protect your eyes from screen ? The Atlantic, you have to  literally forget to blink.

You staring at a screen for long periods of time. You might want to remind yourself to blink once in a while not just for appearances, but to keep your eyeballs healthy and feeling’ good.

Buy a blue light blocking screen for your work :

If you are Investing in a blue light-blocking screen protector. It  will help keep any harmful UV light from reaching your eyes, thus reducing the strain.

Discomfort that happens when looking at a screen diabetes-symptoms-causes-and-treatment all day. It won’t solve the problem of your phone, but it will definitely make your work day a little less painful.

Minimize the computer activities :

It will depend on what you do for work, specifically, but odds are, there are some things you do digitally that you could do manually, instead. For more information its a example instead of messaging a co-worker on your laptop.

Take frequent breaks :

Many workers take only two breaks from their computer throughout their work day. According to a recent  study, eye strain were when computer workers took four additional five-minute throughout their work day.

Supplementary breaks did not reduce the workers’ productivity. But it beneficial for eye protection.  Entry data speed was significantly faster as a result of the extra breaks, so work output20 extra minutes of break time each day.

If you are taking your brakes, stand up, diabetes-symptoms-causes-and-treatment move about and stretch your arms, legs, back, neck and shoulders to reduce tension and muscle fatigue .

Modify your workstation :

If you want to look back and forth between a printed page and your computer screen, this can cause eye strain. If you want to You can Place written pages on a copy stand adjacent to the monitor.

workstation Image source –


onto your computer screen. Computer work also contributes to computer vision syndrome. You have to Adjust your workstation and chair to the correct height.


It is very easy to maintain the eye protection with the help of regular eyes exercise. Take proper diet along with milk and best natural supplements. Maintain some gap at least 20 to 35 cm distance between monitor screen.

Play your TV at Eye secure mode. Now you have idea about all the information and protection tricks.

     Protect you eyes, See beauty of nature