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It has been tested and proven beyond reasonable doubt that yoga has a lot of health benefits to seniors. As you get older, your body starts to give in and get weak. This leaves you prone to a number of issues such as joint pains, memory loss, diseases, and balance loss. Studies have also shown that seniors are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety as compared to the general population. As you enter your golden ages, you can get ahead of all these issues by starting yoga for seniors’ program.

Yoga for seniors

Yoga programs that are particularly curated for seniors vary slightly from the regular yoga. Such yoga programs are focused on body strength restoration, immune boosting and mental relaxation. Glo is one of the most recognizable providers of these seniors-oriented programs. Not because they have specialized in this section of yoga, it’s because they have great yoga exercises and their seniors’ program has worked wonders for many. You know good news spread like wildfire.

Benefits of Glo senior’s yoga programs

With convenience and affordability at its core, Glo yoga for seniors as a lot of benefits to the elderly. These include

Improving balance and stability

Most of the poses on Glo’s seniors’ programs focus on improving balance and stability. Loss of balance and stability is a chronic issue for the elderly that significantly affects how they live their day to day lives. In some chronic cases, serious accidents do occur that at times lead to major bodily harm or loss of lives. Through this platform’s programs, these seniors can restore their balance and stability and go ahead to live quite normal lives.

Improving joint health and flexibility

Unlike most of the other exercises available, yoga is gentle and therefore easy for the seniors’ experiencing joint issues. Yoga programs for the seniors tend to focus on improving joint flexibility. Additionally, these yoga practices also eradicate pain and stiffness from the joints.

In most cases, yoga for seniors is used to manage and relieve osteoarthritis in senior women effectively. Research shows that yoga provides therapeutic benefits in such cases. The low impact-yoga moves greatly help loosen muscles and also help prevent muscle injury by toning them.

Improving respiration

As you age, your lungs age too and this brings about respiratory limitations. Respiratory limitations always lead to low tolerance of the body to physical exertion. Additionally, reduced oxygen intake to the body also has a lot effect on your organs including the mind. Among the Glo’s programs for the elderly, they provide a yoga program that restores your respiration in 12 weeks. This program has been particularly useful to senior women. Having tip-top respiration has helped improve the quality of life of many seniors’ courtesy of Glo.

Normalizing blood pressure

Blood Pressure

Hypertension is among the most common health conditions that affect the elderly. The tragic end result of hypertension is the onset of cardiovascular disease. Additionally, hypertension has been identified as the second top cause of kidney disease. Seniors-oriented yoga has been found to reduce oxidative stress among the elderly significantly. Reduced oxidative stress leads to normalization of blood pressure. Oxidative stress is a leading underlying cause for hypertension and also poses a significant risk factor for initiating heart attacks.

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Improves mental health

Yoga is known to be great for mental health for any age demographic. The benefits of these programs are significantly noticeable among the elderly who encounter a lot of mental challenges including memory loss, depression and anxiety. Glo yoga for seniors helps the elderly become mindful of their thoughts and emotions. Additionally, yoga helps the elderly connect with their environment and situations relieving their minds of any stress or anxiety.