February 22, 2019
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Charlie Chaplin quotes, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” Now, the question put here is how often do you laugh? As you might know, laughing is a proven remedy for healing most of our emotional, sentimental and overall health-related problems. Today, this act has taken a new shape and identity, what is known […]


Images Sources: Google Image No individual would want to have a weak immune system which can make him or her fall sick very often. Also, no matter how careful you can be with regards to keeping yourself away from disease-causing germs and bacteria that goes into your mouth and further down to your stomach, each […]

mantras to lose weight

Want to lose weight without having to go through difficult and expensive methods? Here’s good news for you. Because we will give you 8 simple diet and fitness mantras to lose weight. If you are concerned with reducing a few excess pounds in order to give your body a good shape, you do not have […]